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Phyllis Korkki

Editing and Writing Services

A former New York Times editor can help you tell your stories in the clearest and most compelling way possible.

Editor Phyllis Korkki (photo by Regan Kelly)
Regan Kelly


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Book Editing

Have you written a nonfiction or fiction manuscript and are now looking for some professional guidance? I can handle all aspects of your book project, from helping you write a book proposal to major structural editing work. Often, as an author, you can become too close to the material. My goal is to ensure that each chapter effectively advances your narrative and illuminates your major themes.

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Column, Article and Newsletter Editing

Thanks to lucrative new blogging and publishing outlets like Substack, Medium and the LinkedIn publishing platform, you have more options than ever to spread your ideas and establish your credentials. But you might not have the time or the writing expertise to set that in motion. Having spent many years editing business features and columns for The New York Times, along with serving as executive editor at the storytelling app Hooked, I have the editing skills that can help you shine.

Book Editing
Article Editing
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Not everyone who has a great story to tell is also a great writer. As a journalist with decades of experience, I can draw your story out of you through interviews and then convey it to readers in your voice, and with your priorities to guide me.

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Productivity Consulting

I wrote a whole book about embarking on big creative projects—and how to actually complete them. I discovered some highly effective ways to combat procrastination, self-doubt, perfectionism and other obstacles that creative peoples face. I can help you develop the productivity techniques that work best for you and hold you accountable as you work toward your goal.


About Me and My Work



Until 2021, I was the executive editor of Hooked, an entertainment company that uses data to

guide storytelling strategies. I helped recruit writers and edited their fictional stories, which appeared on the Hooked app and on Snapchat. Some of these stories were later made into short films that appeared on TikTok. I personally wrote stories that received a total of 41 million views on the Hooked app, along with Snapchat and TikTok. 


Before joining Hooked in 2017, I worked for 15 years as an editor for the business section of the

New York Times. While at the Times, I developed and edited a column about working life called Preoccupations, which featured essays by some of the top leaders and thinkers in the business world. I also wrote a regular column called Applied Science that showcased academic research related to the workplace.


A graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism, I also worked for eight years as an editor at The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

“Phyllis Korkki is a remarkable editor and muse.” 

Phyllis and I worked together on the second draft of my memoir. The first draft was meandering. It had a great deal of exciting material but needed a more clearly defined “through thread” as well as work on pacing and presentation. Phyllis was invaluable. Her experienced eye and sophisticated skill sets helped me produce a smooth, cumulative narrative arc. Even more valuable was her unobtrusive support and quiet belief in this book. Her confidence rubbed off on me!”

Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Author and economist

“Phyllis’ thoughtful editing enhanced the quality of every one of my stories.”

“Phyllis Korkki was my editor for many years at The New York Times. She was an especially critical part of a lengthy story I wrote for the Sunday Business section titled “The Lawyer, The Addict,” which was conceived with her assistance and became one of the most-read stories of the year. From that story I wrote a memoir which was published by Random House. Over the years, Phyllis’ thoughtful editing enhanced the quality of every one of my stories.”

Eilene Zimmerman

Author and freelance writer

“Phyllis is awesome at clarifying conflict, action and characterization.”

“Phyllis's fiction editing skills allowed me to professionally publish over 60 stories for Hooked on Snapchat. Not only does she have her finger on the pulse of the market, but she knows how to make a story move quickly so it engages readers. She’s also awesome at clarifying conflict, action and characterization. If you have a novel that needs development, editing and/or proofreading, Phyllis has the expert touch!”

Chris Marie Green

Fiction writer



My 2016 book from HarperCollins called The Big Thing is a deep dive into how to complete big creative projects that don’t have a firm deadline. The years I spent researching best productivity practices and the writing of this book inform my Productivity Consulting services.

The Big Thing Book Cover.png


Be More Productive in 7 Days
Evidence-based techniques to help you work more efficiently and effectively.

How to Make the Most of Your Workday
Productivity techniques that can be adapted to your personality and working style.

Ready to Snap at Work? Get in Touch With Your Inner Animal
Simple solutions to anxiety in an era of multitasking, multiple screens and mindless distractions.



I’d love to hear what you’re working on and how I can help you. 

Thanks for contacting me!

Contact me for a free consultation at or via the below form.
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